Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentines Day, Presidents Day, And everything around that.

I decided that my political philosophy paper could take a break so I made some Tea and decided to write a new blog post.

So Its that time of year again. The time of love. This year it was my year to plan V day. So I decided to work!!! DJ and I both agreed that we would work and it was a good thing because we made some serious dough. we both worked ALL day Friday and Saturday. About 11 hours day each for us. By Saturday night we were beat!!! But he was cute and got me some cake. We are on this health kick and the only thing I have wanted was cake! So he got me this little cute heart cake. I did a ten ways I love you with a cute gift each day before Valentines Day. Except I obviously cant count and had nine lol. I did get him a new backpack and he was so excited about it, it was really cute. The picture below was one of the gifts. It was a cute box with two chocolates that said Pea and on the lid of the box was Pod. Two peas in a pod. Get it!

On Sunday we got up around noon and we both went to Boise for a concert and to see some of my friends. I got to see my friend Jamie is a childhood friend from Ririe and I got to see my friend Tyler who I use to work with. We stayed with my Bestie Ashley. We all had dinner together and it was so good to see everyone and catch up. We went to a concert and it was so much fun. We went and saw Schuyler Fisk (Sky-ler in case you were wondering) and Ben Taylor. I had seen Schuyler Fisk before with Joshua Radin (they were dating at the time. Then they broke up and he made a new album .lol ) But I had not seen Ben Taylor before. He was AMAZING! He is the Son of James Taylor and Carly Simon which I think is so cool .Yet everyone I tell this to, they don't know who they are!! It BOGGLED my mind. So for those wondering I put some songs up from all three. The Ben Taylor song he wrote for his mom, Carly Simon. James Taylor How Sweet it is you should know and Your So Vain by Carly Simon you should know too. I hope otherwise you must live in a box ;) DJ doesn't really like any of my music but he is the best ever and still goes with me to these concerts. It makes me realize how lucky I am to have such a great guy.

I love listening to music and going to concerts, sitting there just taking in the music surrounding you. there is not a better feeling in the World. It is undescribleI love it.

On Monday I dragged DJ around and we went shopping. We came home Monday night and now these next two weeks have been FILLED with homework. Its insane. Anyways I guess I will get back to this dag nab paper.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Lovely Tonight

I Love this song. I want it to be played at my wedding. Im still conviencing DJ ;) It's by Joshua Radin, who I love and have seen in concert twice. Here are the lyrics :

I need you to know
This won't be broken
And all that we said
Will not be lost into the dawn
And you would be
The last thing I saw coming
I'm still surprised
You are lovely tonight
You, dear, will guide me
Into the morning light
You are lovely tonight
Lay here beside me
I see the rest of my life
With youAlone we are fine
But when we are two
We are eterna
lThe moons aligned
Our separate lives
Here become one
And you would be
The last thing I saw coming
I'm still surprised
You are lovely tonight
You, dear, will guide me
Into the morning light
You are lovely tonight
Lay here beside me
I see the rest of my life With you
All my life I've lived alone without you
All this time, I couldn't find where to belong
And you are lovely tonight
You, dear, will guide me
Into the morning light
You are lovely tonight
Lay here beside me
I see the rest of my lifeWith you

A whirwind last couple months

OK so I know it has been a long time since my last post. Since October DJ and I celebrated our one year anniversary!!! It was a pretty calm day. We went to the park and with Marci and James and the puppies. We just kinda chilled and it was the most perfect day. I wouldn't do it any other way. The ring below was the present DJ had gotten me. Its a anniversary band, not an engagement ring, sorry. But we had picked out another one before and when he saw this one he traded it in without me knowing. I was so surprised and I loved it so so so much!!! I didn't have a picture of me wearing of it so i just posted this one. I love him so much and now we are going on a year and a half!! It's crazy how fast time is going by. We have talked about getting married but I think we are going to hold off for awhile in attempts to deal with school and what not.

Christmas and the holidays were pretty hectic too. DJ and I spent the holidays apart again this year which I didn't like. Next year I'm hoping we will have different plans. I got snowed in at my parents house. New Years Marci, James, DJ, the Dogs, and I went to Marci's Dad's house in Utah and spent a couple days their which was fun. New Years eve we were at the Johnson's house for a fun night of games and good times.

All the girls On New Years
Julie Lamont and I
Aren't we cute??

After a very much need couple weeks of no school Jan 12th I was back in the swing of things. I'm only take 13 credits this semester and its three history classes and a political science class. Along with this I am applying to the Education Program (wish me luck), and competing in BPA doing different competitions. I am also working about 30 hours a week. This is why I never update this thing! But I wouldn't trade any of it in. I have been blessed with an amazing set of friends and a boyfriend who treats me like a queen. Until Next Time :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Music will save your soul...

So I was doing my homework and I listen to this website called It's a music radio site where you type in an artist you like and it plays songs similiar to it. I was listening to Nick Drake radio and this song came up from Josh Ritter (Who i LOVE and have seen in concert and is cool cuz he is from Idaho, anyways..) This song was called Bone of Song. I thought the lyrics were so intersting so I decided to post them.

Bone of Song by Josh Ritter
Just where it now lies I can no longer say
I found it on a cold and November day
In the roots of a sycamore tree where it had hid so long
In a box made out of myrtle lay the bone of song
The bone of song was a jawbone old and bruised
And worn out in the service of the muse
And along its sides and teeth were written words
I ran my palm along them and I heard
Lucky are you who finds me in the wilderness
I am the only unquiet ghost that does not seek rest
The words on the bone of song were close and small
And though their tongues were dead
I found I knew them allIn the hieroglyphs of quills and quatrain lines
Osiris—the fall of Troy—Auld Lang Syne
Kathleen Mauvoreen—Magnificat—Your Cheatin’ Heart
The chords of a covenant king singing for the Ark
Then I saw on a white space that was left
A blessing written older than the rest
It said leave me here I care not for wealth or fame
I’ll remember your song – but I’ll forget your name
The words that I sang blew off like the leaves in the wind
And perched like birds in the branches before landing on the bone again
Then the bone was quiet it said no more to me
so I wrapped it in the ribbons of a sycamore tree
And as night had come I turned around and headed home
With a lightness in my step and a song in my bones
Lucky are you who finds me in the wilderness
I am the only unquiet ghost that does not seek rest

and for those of you who are thinking right now that I am somewhat of a "hippie" too late. I already know ;)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall time

This is my most favorite time of the year!!! It seems that something new and exciting always happens to me. Last October (the 29th) was when I started dating DJ. We have been together for almost a year! Crazy I know! It has been an amazing year with him though, I love him a whole lot! I am a junior at Idaho State which means that next year I will be a senior in college, hard to belive. Does that mean I am close to graduating? Alas, not even close. The goal is to be done Spring 2011. Which seems so far away. DJ hopes to be done around the same too which will work just perfect. This semster I am, as always, overloading myself.
I am taking:
Teaching with Technolgy
Afircan History and Culture
Cardio Hip Hop
Child Development
Modern United States

Yea, Its a lot. And I am also taking on the role as president at ISU chapter of Business Professionals of America. I did it in high school and one of my education teahcers from last spring convinced me to be apart of. So now I am the president! Its a lot to take in and between that, school, work, and DJ I have little me time. I am hoping this blog will help. AND I joined a gym. Weird I know but it helps get out some stress and frusteration from the day.
I am living in Pocatello and the town is starting to grow on me. Even though after school I will be ready to move on and start another chapter of my life. I am still working at Wingers and I have been there for little over a year. I cut down a lot on hours so I can focus on school. I love a lot of the girls I work with and have made friends through work. Well ok through work I have aquired a boyfriend, a best friend, and a lot of other friends!!

For those of you who don't know DJ and I work together. DJ was a cook when I started and he thought I was cute. I thought he hated me. And I thought he was a goober. In the mornings of my fall semester I would walk to my math class and he would be leaving his geology class. I always passed him but never said anything. I knew I worked with him though. Back then all the cooks were the same to me. OK DJ was one of the few white cooks but you get it. Anyways He noticed me for sure. He wasnt sure if I was the same person at work but he soon realized I was. We talked a lot but I was pretty anti anything at that point so he had to work for it. But after our first date I started to fall for him and fast. The year we have been together has gone sooo fast it is crazy. In Novemeber we went to see Dane Cook in Boise, third row seats! We had a cute little christmas and it was the first christmas in a long time I loved. For New Years DJ had mono so our plans changed a little but that fact that I got to spend it with him was all that mattered. Spring brought a lot of things for me to do for school. For my birthday in June we all went to Salt Lake and Warperd Tour which was a great birthday! Summer was busy for us because we worked a ton. I was pulling well over fourty hours every week. It was also the first summer I did not spend in Swan Valley since I was 14. And now back to Fall where I am ready for another fast paced year.