Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentines Day, Presidents Day, And everything around that.

I decided that my political philosophy paper could take a break so I made some Tea and decided to write a new blog post.

So Its that time of year again. The time of love. This year it was my year to plan V day. So I decided to work!!! DJ and I both agreed that we would work and it was a good thing because we made some serious dough. we both worked ALL day Friday and Saturday. About 11 hours day each for us. By Saturday night we were beat!!! But he was cute and got me some cake. We are on this health kick and the only thing I have wanted was cake! So he got me this little cute heart cake. I did a ten ways I love you with a cute gift each day before Valentines Day. Except I obviously cant count and had nine lol. I did get him a new backpack and he was so excited about it, it was really cute. The picture below was one of the gifts. It was a cute box with two chocolates that said Pea and on the lid of the box was Pod. Two peas in a pod. Get it!

On Sunday we got up around noon and we both went to Boise for a concert and to see some of my friends. I got to see my friend Jamie is a childhood friend from Ririe and I got to see my friend Tyler who I use to work with. We stayed with my Bestie Ashley. We all had dinner together and it was so good to see everyone and catch up. We went to a concert and it was so much fun. We went and saw Schuyler Fisk (Sky-ler in case you were wondering) and Ben Taylor. I had seen Schuyler Fisk before with Joshua Radin (they were dating at the time. Then they broke up and he made a new album .lol ) But I had not seen Ben Taylor before. He was AMAZING! He is the Son of James Taylor and Carly Simon which I think is so cool .Yet everyone I tell this to, they don't know who they are!! It BOGGLED my mind. So for those wondering I put some songs up from all three. The Ben Taylor song he wrote for his mom, Carly Simon. James Taylor How Sweet it is you should know and Your So Vain by Carly Simon you should know too. I hope otherwise you must live in a box ;) DJ doesn't really like any of my music but he is the best ever and still goes with me to these concerts. It makes me realize how lucky I am to have such a great guy.

I love listening to music and going to concerts, sitting there just taking in the music surrounding you. there is not a better feeling in the World. It is undescribleI love it.

On Monday I dragged DJ around and we went shopping. We came home Monday night and now these next two weeks have been FILLED with homework. Its insane. Anyways I guess I will get back to this dag nab paper.


Kacey, Jake, & Kody said...

Caitlin!!! It' makes me happy to see that your so happy :) When are those wedding plans going into motion??? LOL :) I can't believe your all grown up, makes me realize how old I really am. So STOP it!! I turned 26 in Feb and it's been a lil depressing to me to know that I'm closer to thirty than twenty oh well. I look young :) Keep in touch.

Natalie Jane said...

Hey Caitlin :) You won the Stella & Dot giveaway on my blog. Contact me in the next 48 hours to redeem.